Monday, March 4, 2013

April Religious Environmental Stewardship Weeks

Earth Day Sunday 2013 and Soil and Water Stewardship 2013 Week

Two opportunities to employ a religious perspective on environmental issues this spring 2013 come from the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and the Eco-Justice Program of the National Council of Churches (NCC).

For the NACD Soil and Water Stewardship Week of Sunday April 28 to Sunday May 5, the theme is "Where Does Your Water Shed?"  It is one of the world's largest conservation-related observances.  Outreach materials for churches include sermon starters, hymns and scriptures on the topic, and stewardship education materials suitable for all grade levels (guides, activity sheets, cd/power points, a poster, bookmarks, etc.).

See or contact your local county conservation district office. 

For the NCC Eco-Justice April Earth Day 2013 "Green Your Sunday Morning Routine" theme, see .  By looking at our ecological footprint (for example, as we turn on a light, take a shower, eat breakfast, etc.) and seeing what opportunities exist for change, we can become better caretakers of God's creation by reducing our environmental impact. 

The resource provides examples for individuals, churches and communities.  Sermon starters, a bulletin insert, prayer, a call to worship, etc., all raise up the Sunday Morning Sustainability theme, and separate denominational versions are available (Disciples of Christ, ELCA, PCUSA, RCA, UMC).
Re: sustainability, also of note is the "Spring of Sustainability" sponsored by the Sustainable World Coalition, April 1 to June 14, a free series of events featuring interviews and panels with more than 50 global sustainability leaders, including Bill McKibben, Michael Brune, Hunter Lovins, Randy Hayes, Janine Benyus, and John Perkins.

Participants can connect via phone or web.  Register at no charge at .