Monday, August 12, 2013

Creation Corner 8/13: Late Summer Reading suggestions

Late 2013 summer Environmental Book list recommendations: Creation Corner of August 2013
For the discerning reader of environmental topics, here are some choice titles to choose from in late summer.
1. A source of many links to environmental book lists by topic:
2. This listopia" allows for votes for favorite books, in topics ranging from "contemporary fiction or non-fiction, how-to guides for green living, ecology tracts from the tree-hugging 1970s, and those seminal works that chronicled the first stirrings for the conservation ethic."
3. Similar to #2, this site allows you to "browse by tag" for topics such as nature, sustainability, environmental health, picture books, inspiration for change, green politics, etc. The book covers are also shown.
4. This "Grinning Planet" site (Saving the Planet One Joke At A Time) provides separate book pages on global warming, energy, solar energy, etc. as well as cartoons, videos, quotes, music, movies, etc.
5. An Environmental Science Books list catalogued alphabetically provides a good bibliography. Jacket covers are portrayed, and it allows you to find a list or topic ("what are the best books about such-and-such").
6. This site reflects on some of the best titles from the 20th century from the pro-activist view of a college teacher of environmental science.
7. From the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) are recommended or authored titles by SEJ members, including fiction books, and a "how-to" guide for covering pollution topics. A good source for the reporting on environment, energy, science, health and climate.
8. The reading list of the Environmental Literacy Council. Topics include air and climate, land, water, ecosytems, energy, food, environment and society.
9. A short reading list meant for young adults (high school and college) by an environmental science teacher of widely-read and highly-reviewd books that analyze issues around the interaction of humans and the environment, categorized by their central issue. Each title is a link to the book's page on .
10. Children's Environmental Books---400 nature and environmental books for children of all ages.
11. Environmental science E-books for free online viewing and/or dowload; some highly technical.
12. From The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment's (ASLE) list of "Twelve Classic Nature and Environment Books. Includes winners of the National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA) and ten other "best book lists" in the category of "outdoor literature."

Note: Michael Ochs is a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church of Williamsport PA