Thursday, June 23, 2011

Early Summer Gleanings: The Creation Corner Column for June 2011

GreenDeen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin (Barrett-Koehler, 2010, 232 pages, $16.95).

"Go Green" U.S. postage stamps available according to USA Philatelic: The official source for stamp enthusiasts. 2011/vol. 16/quarter 2. See . For a Go Green Family Activity Kit, learn more at .

"Green: The Color and the Cause" is an exhibition (through September 11) that explores the techniques people have devised to create green textiles, the meanings that this color---traditionally associated with nature and its attributes, including life, fertility and rebirth---has held in cultures across time and place, and the ways that contemporary textile artists and designers are responding to concerns about the environment. Also, complementing this exhibition is one (through January 8, 2012) entitled "Second Lives: the Age-Old Art of Recycling Textiles" that highlights ways people in various cultures have ingeniously re-purposed worn but precious fabrics to create beautiful new textile forms. Both at the Textile Museum, Washington DC.

"The Father, the Sun, and the Holy Spirit: Pope Benedict Plans a Greener Vatican" article by Stephan Faris in The Atlantic Magazine, April 2011, p. 19.

The Human Right to a Green Future: Environmental Rights and Intergenerational Justice. Richard P. Hiskes, Univ. of Connecticut. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2009, paperback. For free down-loadable environmental study guides to accompany this book, see

"The Creation Care Radio Hour" has begun June 14, a service of the Evangelical Environmental Network. New programs each Tuesday with conversations about the Biblical mandate to care for creation with authors, writers, evangelists, ministers and others. See this at .

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